South Slavic languages - Balkan languages in the Adriatic region

Sеrbia - Serbian language - Srpski jezik/Српски jeзик

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian - Bosanski, Srpski i Hrvatski jezik.

Croatia -  Croatian language - Hrvatski jezik
Montenegro - Montenegrin language - Crnogorski jezik/Црногорски језик.
Macedonia - Macedonian language - Makedonski jezik/Македонски језик
Slovenia - Slovenian language - Slovenščina/Slovenski jezik.



Digital copies of the entire Miroslav Gospel manuscript. The manuscript dates from the 1180th years and is considered the most important and most beautiful monument of Serbian manuscripts. The book is written on parchment with constitutional cyrillic letters and is decorated with a stylized three hundred miniatures and initials in color and gold. It is kept at the National Museum in Belgrade while National Library of Serbia is responsible for its conservation and protection. June 2005. The Miroslav Gospel was entered into the UNESCO World Register of documentary heritage 'Memory of the World'.  (National Library of Serbia)